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Diary of a Skincare Ritual: Part I

APR 5, 2021

Diary of a Skincare Ritual: Part I

Reflections on Oculaire Skincare from honest users with honest opinions

Skincare has always...

...been a slippery slope for me. My skin is pale with lots of red undertones – dry some days, oily others. I have tried many different brands, either they dry my skin out, leave me red and irritated, I end up with breakouts or they make my eyes burn. I finally gave up and stuck to the bare minimum – wash my face morning and night with a gentle soap and hope for the best. That approach was ok I guess, until my skin started to feel super dry… until I noticed the age lines on my forehead and around my eyes… until my eyes were constantly itchy and tearing up.

The Intersection of Ocular Health and Opulent Beauty

Then came Oculaire

...a skincare line developed by dermatologists, plastic surgeons and eye doctors who specialize in Dry Eye. It’s infused with Alereve, a proprietary formulation clinically proven to improve ocular surface disease! I tried a few products; the green tea mask, the microdermabrasion cleansers…those felt good. My skin did not seem to get irritated, so I decided to make Oculaire my consistent skincare schedule. I researched the products to see which would best suit my needs and from there, my skincare ritual was set.

In the Morning

I use Mousse d’Or to clean my face – I love the smell of the tea tree and eucalyptus oils; it honestly wakes me up better than my cup of coffee. To help with my complexion – I then use Radience, the Hypochlorous Acid and Lemongrass help to even out my skin tone and improve tightness. Then before I put on my makeup I use Soleil, my age-defying day cream which is so light I barely notice I have anything on – I love how soft and hydrated my skin feels!

"My skin feels softer and smoother, my skin tone is more balanced, I have not had a breakout since I started..."

In the Evening

I count on Massage to deep clean and exfoliate my skin at least 3 times a week - daily I use Mousse d’Or morning and night to wash my face. Once my skin feels clean and polished, I apply Lune, my age-defying night cream and my favorite product in the skincare line, its packed with Pycnogenol to enhance microcirculation and decrease inflammation and Squalane to increase collagen production. Its thick but not heavy on the skin, it feels warm and sometimes tingly – I absolutely love how my skin feels when I get into bed and my husband loves that the products are fragrance free. And lastly to complete my ritual I take the Perle Omega-7 to increase hydration and elasticity as well as reduce wrinkles and

Ahhh, Oculaire...

I have been using Oculaire Skincare consistently for 2 months and I am so impressed! My skin feels softer and smoother, my skin tone is more balanced, I have not had a breakout since I started, and the best is that my eyes feel less irritated and are not tearing or burning at night any longer.

Jessica Rosales


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