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The Case for Clean Beauty, Part I: Paraben-free

If you’re on the hunt for something new to add to your skincare routine, you may see a lot of buzz about parabens, preservatives, and fragrances in your skincare. What are parabens, are they bad for us, and if so, why were they incorporated as an ingredient in skincare anyway?


What are Parabens?

Simply put, Parabens are preservatives. Because all-natural skincare contains ingredients that can degrade easily or grow bacteria, most cosmetics need to rely on preservatives to prevent this from happening. To better protect against a range of microorganisms, typically parabens are used in combination, or in conjunction with other classes of preservatives.


Why don’t we like Parabens? 

In general, parabens can disrupt hormone production in the body. This can cause a wide range of issues, from fertility and reproductive problems, birth-related defects, and even an increased risk in cancer. So, if the question is: are parabens bad, it seems clear the answer is yes. But as detrimental as all of this is, it has been proven that parabens can cause skin irritation, which would of course be counterproductive to using it as an ingredient IN SKINCARE. Parabens can cause cracking, rashes, or swelling, especially in those already suffering from a skin ailment. The irony, known as ‘the paragon paradox,’ is that those suffering from skin diseases are the most likely to be negatively affected by parabens.


How to avoid parabens? 

Parabens can come in a wide range of products, from cosmetics to skincare, shampoos to medications; all we can do is stay vigilant and read up on the products going on and in our bodies. The road to clean beauty has many obstacles, stay vigilant!


How to achieve clean beauty?

Scientists continue to study the role parabens play when applied topically, and at what concentration, but we do know that there are real side-effects to paraben use. That’s why Oculaire’s collection of cream, serums and elixirs are paraben free, preservative free, and fragrance free. Oculaire uses innovative, airless-containers to keep your ingredients potent while keeping out the microorganisms.


The moisturisers - Soleil, Lune and Lux - all provide the brightening rejuvenation that you look for while avoiding the harmful side-effects from parabens. Mousse d’or and Mousse d’or - suave (our foaming cleansers) remove impurities and cleanse the skin without stripping it of its natural oils. Massage and Masque, Oculaire’s microdermabrasion cleanser and green tea mask, are two of our most popular, and are paraben free even though they are not airless. Our complexion-correctors - Radience and Clair - help even out skin tones for younger looking skin, without relying on preservatives to achieve it. Elixir, our lash serum, likewise doesn’t use parabens to keep it potent and effective. Used in tandem, these products will keep you on the path to clean beauty, enhancing your skin and skincare ritual with luxury cosmeceuticals without the luxury price tag.


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