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Responsible for firming and securing the skin’s hydration and vibrancy, Lux, Soleil and Lune are at the heart of Oculaire, resulting in the skin’s elasticity, rejuvination, and opulence.

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As therapeutic, foaming cleansers, Mousse d’or and Mousse d’or - suave are the start of Oculaire’s skincare regimen. Massage and Masque revitalize and encourage the skin’s natural purity through exfoliation and clarification.

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Complexion Correctors

Radience and Clair are the astringents and serums employed to tighten and moisten the skin, repairing the chromatic imperfections that result from aging.

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Beauty Enhancers

Élixir is the serum from which lashes are encouraged to grow. Attending to both one’s beauty and health, Perle is the hidden gem that enhances the glow from Oculaire’s complete skincare line.

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