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Universal Luxury, Individual Beauty

Oculaire skincare is an outgrowth of the collective culture that brings humanity together, and embodies the fierce, cathartic drama of the French Alps: sun and sky, warmth and cold, brilliant light and deep shadows - the very perennial and ephemeral forces of nature.

Blending Beauty, Comfort, and Health

Oculaire was designed to incorporate the latest scientific and medical research with the highest quality, homoeopathic ingredients to create a unique, proprietary blend that is both healthful and luxuriant.

Physicians with an Eye towards Beauty

Developed by leading dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and eye doctors specializing in Ocular Surface Disease, Oculaire utilises all-natural ingredients and is infused with Alereve™ - a proprietary, patent-pending formulation which is our magic ingredient.

Beauty, Preserved

The Unique design of Oculaire's presentation keeps our products suspended and airless, preserving the efficacy and potency of our anti-aging, healthful ingredients. Like diamonds encased in solid stones and under intense pressure, this luxuriant packaging is both a feast for the eyes and pampers them too. Because of Oculaire's innovative solutions to keeping our products preserved, you get the benefits for longer and there's no need to rely on harsh chemicals or parabens. Oculaire does not test on animals, respecting the bounty and sanctity of nature in all its forms.

The Magic Ingredient

Developed by leading Ophthalmologists specializing in allergies, Alereve has developed an all natural proprietary blend that does not exacerbate underlying allergic conditions nor add unwanted side effects of dryness. It is the perfect addition to Oculaire, integral to making our products highly recommended by the ophthalmic community.



The Magic Ingredient

See What Doctors Are Saying

Borne by medical doctors, Oculaire's raison d'être is to cherish the health and beauty of the eyes and the skin, to regard the contours and delicacy of intense light playing off deep shadows. This initiative has made the medical community take notice.

Oculaire skincare, discover the age-defying, cleansing, complexion-correcting, beauty-enhancing moisturizers, serums and elixirs that cherish your eye’s health and skin’s beauty. Paraben-free, preservative-free, fragrance free skincare by doctors.

“I love these products. As a dry eye disease specialist, it is very important for me to have products to prescribe for my patients that will not exacerbate their current dry eye disease. Personally, I love using Soleil and Lune face creams."

Janelle Davison, OD

“Oculaire is the first of its kind complete skincare system that integrates patented combinations of bioactives and rich emollients that perform and enhance skin care without punishing the delicate ocular tissues."

Laura M. Periman, MD

“As an eye doctor, for many years, I've been searching for an effective, premium, safe line of skincare products that doesn't irritate or dry the eyes. I've found the answer in Oculaire."

Daniel Tepper, MD

“My skin is sensitive, therefore my cleansing routine is simple and has been effective. However, the Oculaire system has taken my skin care to the next level. My face is soft, and looks and feels younger and healthier."

Millicent Knight, OD

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