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An American Debut

Oculaire - an American Debut

Oculaire makes it's long-awaited American debut.

Oculaire skincare - the collection that embodies the fierce, cathartic drama of the French Alps: sun and sky, warmth and cold, brilliant light and deep shadows, makes its long-awaited debut in the new world.

At the intersection of health and beauty is Oculaire, renowned for it's blend of anti-aging, restorative, and beneficent properties.

'La beauté ne se voit qu'avec les yeux de l'âme.'

- Proverbe français

Our Vision

Developed by leading dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and eye doctors specializing in Ocular Surface Disease, Oculaire utilises the latest medical research, formulated with all-natural ingredients, and infused with Alereve™ - a proprietary, patent-pending formulation for the benefit of skincare and clinically proven to improve ocular surface inflammation.

'Beauty can only be seen with the eyes of the soul.'

- French Proverb

Your Vision

Oculaire was designed to incorporate the latest scientific and medical research with the highest quality, homoeopathic ingredients to create a unique, proprietary blend that is both healthful and luxuriant.

Finally available in the United States, experience Oculaire - as natural as earth, water, and air.


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