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The Doctor is in, Volume I: Dr. Janelle Davison

Dr. Janelle Davison discusses Oculaire Skincare, the anti-aging skincare that specializes in Dry EyeJanelle Davison, OD, is an expert optometrist, with fourteen years of experience in comprehensive eye care. She brings her vast experience to the Marietta community at Brilliant Eyes Vision Center in Smyrna, Georgia.

Dr. Davison is the founder of Brilliant Eyes Vision Center, and also the founder of trendesetting Premier Dry Eye Spa and Joy&Jane glasses, her very own frame line. Her passion for education and “down-home” personality has gained her the title of most Google Reviewed Private Eye Doctor in Cobb County. 

She is a community activist, starting a non-profit with her sister Dr. Joya, S.C.O.R.E, INC., a non-profit with a focus on guiding young women on their STEM and healthcare professional journeys. It also has a focus on life skills via hands-on internships and mentorships with various health professionals. 

When she is not saving sight, she is chasing behind her two children, Lyndon and Kennedy, all while spending time with her husband of 14 years.
We sat down with Dr. Davison to ask her some of the questions only an expert can answer, but questions that should inform all of us about our ocular health, and how that can intersect with beauty.

  1. What are some common symptoms that you hear from patients with Ocular Surface Disease or Dry Eye during the discovery phase of their exam? OSD patients usually present with a frequent gritty sensation, eyes that feel sore, changes in vision after blinking, as well as itching and burning.
  1. How many of your patients daily, would you say suffer from either one of these debilitating diseases? Roughly 50% of my patients present with one or all the above symptoms which could be a precursor for Dry Eye Disease. Unfortunately, many patients think their daily discomfort is normal.
  1. What percentage of patients in your practice are interested in reducing fine lines or preventing signs of aging? I think all aging patients are interested in stopping father time. However, roughly 30% ask about options that are available.
  1. What percentage of those patient suffer from Ocular Surface Disease or Symptoms associated with Dry Eye? 60-70% of those patients. Most of my middle-aged patients are interested in anti-aging and that is the demographic heavily at risk for OSD (Ocular Surface Disease) or DED (Dry Eye Disease).
  1. What are some of the side effects a Dry Eye candidate can expect from using current trending skincare products - one's that are not developed with ocular health in mind? Ocular irritation such as frequent redness or excessive tearing after application. Research has also shown that products with Retinol can negatively impact the meibomian glands (causing them to become atrophic). [Meibomian glands are the small glands along the margins of the eyelids that secrete oils. The oil that is secreted is responsible for preventing the moisture from our tears from evaporating.]
  1. Do you see a correlation between patients with OSD / Dry Eye who are using skincare or beauty products that are inherent with prostaglandins? Yes, I have patients who are typically younger females in their mid-twenties to late thirties using prostaglandin or synthetic prostaglandin eye serums. They are regularly reporting excessive redness and irritated eyelids. However, many of them didn’t know the potential side-effects of using these products daily.
  1. What anti-aging skincare products can you safely recommended to your patients who are looking to combat aging without sacrificing the Ocular Surface and its delicate Tear Film? I try to recommend all natural products that are backed by eye care professionals and dermatologists. My go-to product is Oculaire.
  1. What are some key phrases you use to communicate a treatment plan for OSD or Dry Eye that encompasses skincare?  I explain to my patients that I am enrolling them in our Premier Dry Eye Treatment Program which targets inflammation, bacteria and restoring the function of the meibomian glands. We will also provide tools and education on oral supplements and a cosmetic/skincare regimen that is safe for patients who suffer from DED. It is important not to use any products that will impact our treatment program.  
  1. How do you help prepare you staff to reinforce your recommended treatment plan for something that is non-surgical or immediately threating to the patient’s ability to see? I like to train my staff on new products and services we offer as well as provide samples (when possible) so they can experience the products/service for themselves. 
  1. Can you comment on the importance and vital need in the eye care space for a product like Oculaire?  Having a product like Oculaire in our eye care toolbox is essential to allow ECPs (Eye Care Providers) to prescribe a quality all-natural ant-aging/skincare products that will not exacerbate the patients current ocular surface disease. We can truly help our patient to see good, look good and feel good.



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